The Combat Collection PRO edition 1.0原始战斗音乐包 

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The Combat Collection PRO edition 1.0

The Original Combat Music Pack
The Combat Collection, a videogame music library by British composer John Leonard French, comprises orchestral epics, ethnic rhythms and iconic themes for games with violence and action at their core.
Specially created for games, the collection features both full tracks and seamless loops all designed for combat, action and adventure.The Combat Collection是英国作曲家John Leonard French的电子游戏音乐库,包括管弦乐史诗、民族节奏和标志性主题,用于以暴力和动作为核心的游戏
The PRO edition includes:
- 21 Professionally mastered tracks and loops
- Perfect, seamless loops
- CD quality 16bit/44.1khz .wav format, ready for import
- Unique instruments
- Epic title themes
- Level up and death cues
- Quest objectives and waypoint SFX
- Loop end / start segments
- 3 bonus tracks





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