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Cord Blood Banking is About Peace of Mind

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亿万先生-Cord blood and tissue banking is the process of safely and securely storing the blood within your newborn’s umbilical cord as well as the tissue from the cord itself. This life-giving opportunity only happens at the time of birth and offers a powerful medical resource in combating devastating, chronic and acute diseases. Banking stem cells presents a unique opportunity to provide protection and security for your family.

By choosing a cord blood storage bank for your baby’s cord blood and tissue, you will preserve your family’s chance to potentially use it as a part of a treatment therapy for over eighty diseases, including various cancers, genetic diseases, blood disorders, and immune system deficiencies.

New England Cryogenic Center, Inc., affiliate of New England Cord Blood Bank, Inc., was founded in 1971 and is considered one of the pioneers in processing and cryopreservation of human cells and tissue.

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亿万先生-Processing and storing umbilical cord blood stem cells at our cord blood storage bank since 1997, we offer you the combination of experience, cutting-edge facilities, and integrity that ensures you’re doing the best for your family.

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NECBB has the experience! Our laboratory has processed and shipped client’s cord blood stem cells worldwide for use in transplants, research and clinical trials.

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Our pricing is some of the most affordable in the cord blood storage bank industry, allowing all families the opportunity to bank their newborn’s cord blood and tissue.