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Our flight school is the perfect place to welcome you to the world of aviation. Epic's passion is helping you pursue your passion achieving a career in aviation. Our student pilots train to become international airline pilots flying the world. They also become commercial pilots flying for major airlines here in the United States. Epic's campus is strategically located in sunny New Smyrna Beach, Florida. We flight training year-round. NASA and SpaceX launch nearby, so you know this one of the best pilot training locations in the world.


As the demand for pilots soars, more people are wondering how to become an airline pilot. Major airlines recruit Epic's flight school graduates for careers as professional pilots. As a Cessna Service Center, we operate a fleet of new generation aircraft with state-of-the-art avionics. This puts you in the pilot's seat of the best training aircraft, whether a flight simulator, Cessna 172, or Piper Seminole. Epic Flight Academy has some of the highest reviews among United States aviation academies. Epic is recognized as a leading Cessna Pilot Center for its innovative flight training and virtual online courses and lessons. We are here to help you train and achieve your career goals starting with your private pilot license. We can also help you continue your flight training no matter where you are in your training.


Safety is our top priority and the cornerstone of our flight school. In fact, our motto is "Safety first!" We have been recognized and awarded for excellence in safety and our impeccable safety standards. Epic meets and exceeds all United States and international pilot school standards. We meet all FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requirements. Our international students are trained to fly for any civil aviation authority.


Do you dream of having more than just a job? Becoming a professional pilot in the United States or an international pilot in your country leads to a rewarding career in aviation with an excellent pilot salary. If you have questions about cost, instruction, certificates or any other requirements about how to become a pilot, we can help period. Our admissions team is standing by to help you with all the details about our flight school. Epic flight training is surprisingly affordable, and you can become a commercial airline pilot in just over a year.